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Bed Bug Control London  

Welcome to The London Bed Bugs Company and further information on our professional bed bug control London and to learn more about our discreet bed bugs treatments London and Essex.

Our effective treatments are available and provided to homes, hotels, hostels and any other location that is suffering from bed bugs. With detailed pre bed bug treatment advice on home preparation, in depth bed bug treatments and after care along with helpful and understanding professional bed bug control technicians, there are no reasons why we cannot have your home free of bed bugs quickly and safely.

Our discreet bed bug control London treatments are guaranteed. We know we can remove any level of bed bug infestation as we do it daily. If the advice is followed then we can carry out our bed bug treatments effectively. We do not ask you to remove beds or mattresses, we do not ask you to replace furniture. With our bed bug control methods we can ensure that your beds and furniture is free of bed bugs and more importantly bed bug eggs after completion of our bed bug control treatments. 

The London Bed Bugs Company have been providing affordable bed bug control London for 15 years. There is no level of bedbugs infestation we have not come across or eliminated. The experience and knowledge gained is vital and counts for everything with this hardy pest that has survived just about everything mankind has thrown at it over time. Our bed bug control London services are guaranteed to eradicate any level of bed bug infestation in any property type and give you peace of mind.

Discreet bed bug control London is a service we provide daily across London from Brent Cross, Walthamstow, Enfield or Barking & Dagenham to Lewisham or Bromley or Pest Control Romford, Essex. If you need affordable bed bug control London, we will come to you. Contact us sooner rather than later to be able to get booked in and secure a date. 

Bed Bug Control London

An adult bed bugs eggs are white and the excrement is black. In the right environment and over time a female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs. As you can see the eggs are very small, 1 mm in size and will mostly be spread out in all sorts of areas from curtains or the back of a picture to the bed or under wall paper. Very difficult to spot to an untrained eye and easily overlooked by a less than experienced pest controller who doesn't specialise in bed bugs. This can be the difference between a quickly resolved bed bug infestation or an ongoing infestation requiring return visits. For further information on our discreet bed bug control London services call us now!

The London Bed Bugs Company treat all furniture in the room with bed bug activity. To many times have we had to eradicate bed bugs from a property that had previously had a bed bug treatment completed by other pest control companies and they still had bed bugs because basic things like treating furniture or at least inspecting it wasn't done. We take great pride in both our reputation and our bed bug control London treatments. Have it done right once. 

Searching for bed bug control companies in London can be stressful and confusing as there are many London pest control companies offering this service. Here is why we think we stand out from others: We are a small, family business, you matter to us as does our reputation we have built up over the years for bed bug control London and being discreet and affordable, we specialise in bed bugs, its not just another pest control treatment to us, we are constantly reviewing methods and costs. We guarantee our bed bug treatments London and in Essex. 
Thank you for choosing The London Bed Bugs Company. You wont be left disappointed.

Bed Bug control London and the homes counties, same day call out, fully insured with 5 million liability, 7 day a week bed bugs treatment London, pre bed bug control London information and help, fully explained treatment methods and planning. 

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