Bed Bug Pest Control London

Bed bug treatment London

EPB are an expert London Bed Bugs Company that offer the most up to date and effective, discreet bed bug control in London. Having been providing bed bugs pest control in London for over 20 years to homes and hotels our experience is vast. 

Have you just found bed bugs on your bed? Think you've been bitten by a bed bug or have blood spots on your sheets? CALL NOW, we are here for advice on bed bugs in the home and assistance from friendly and highly trained London pest control technicians. We do not employ salesman (surveyors)
Our discreet pest control services are guaranteed too for your peace of mind.
Bed bug control in London

EPB are a London bed bugs pest control company that are highly experienced in bed bugs extermination from homes and hotels. Flat fee treatments costs. All bed bug treatments are guaranteed too. We now also offer non toxic bed bug heat treatments which are ideal for those that do not want insecticide sprayed in their homes

The first piece of advice we would give is to avoid DIY methods as these will usually make the infestation worse by spreading the bed bugs from the initial area the issue began in to adjoining rooms. 

Bed bugs in London have been a major issue in 2020 and this is continuing in 2021 and lock down hasn't helped. Get in touch now for a free quote and we guarantee you cheap bed bug treatments in London and guaranteed bed bug extermination in London 

Seeking the help of a professional bed bug pest control company in London is the first step. Getting good advice is the next. Room preparation is a vital part of any successful bed bug treatment for homes. We at the London bed bugs Company offer detailed pre treatment advice to ensure that the rooms are prepared correctly for the bed bug treatment which increases the chances of a quick successful treatment. 

Bed Bug Control Services London 

The London Bed bugs Company are based in East London and cover North, East London as well as Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire. We always go the extra mile for our customers.

  • Guaranteed bed bug control treatments in London.
  • Pre treatment bed bug treatment advice for you. Follow up checks.
  • Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable pest control technicians. 
  • Guaranteed London bed bug treatments for homes.
  • No over selling by salesman. No hidden charges. No false claims. Honesty.

If you have just discovered you have an infestation of bedbugs in your home or maybe have had bed bug bites and need a bed bug inspection then get in touch with us today. If you have had an infestation of bedbugs for sometime then get in touch so we can discuss how we can best start the process. Guidance on how to prepare for a bed bug treatment is the first step. Preparation is key to a successful treatment. 

The most important thing is not to panic and not to be convinced by the many horror stories online of how only bed bug heat treatments will clear your home and you need to pay thousands for this type of treatment. Its not the case, there are other options. However whatever route you feel you wish to take we can help with and will assess and advise what is best for your property and the level of bed bugs infestation in your home. 

You get a bed bug treatment guarantee that means we guarantee the bedbug treatment done in your home to eradicate the bed bugs and if it doesn't we will return. So if you are looking for an effective London bed bugs treatment with a guarantee, contact us today.

You will be provided with the right information on room preparation prior to the London bed bug control treatment and this must be followed to ensure that the bed bug control treatments are able to be carried out properly without difficulty. Once the bed bugs have been eradicated we will also provide you with bed bug treatment reports and advice on how to clean and avoid bed bug infestations in the future. With our start to finish support and our affordable London bed bug eradication we guarantee to have even the worst bedbugs infestations cleared up.

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